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Remove & Rebuild

It is simpler than you may think to remove and rebuild. Our remove and rebuild specialists are here to help guide you through every step of the journey, offering advice and support for any decisions along the way.

Step 1
Home design selection

A Rivergum Homes remove and rebuild specialist will help guide you through the process paying particular attention to your building site and its elevation, council requirements, your aspirations for a brand new home and of course financial requirements.


It is at this time our specialists will look at your site’s boundaries, council zoning and council guidelines in assessing your site’s subdivision potential.


The assessment will take into account all practicalities associated with removing and rebuilding a new home (or homes), as well as your site and/or council limitations.

At this stage we will visit and perform a site survey to assess footing requirements and provide you with a fixed footing cost. The site inspection also gives you the opportunity to advise us of anything you wish to retain such as established trees, fences or floorboards.


This stage will also include the preparation of a contour plan, soil profiling and, if applicable, a wind and bush re-assessment. From here you will be able to preview preliminary building plans, and have a clear guide as to costs prior to proceeding with a formal contract.

Step 2
Giving the 'green light'

Before proceeding we will prepare a formal contract, which will be based on the final design and reflect inclusions discussed to date. This is your commitment to go ahead with building a Rivergum home.


Once signed, we will begin to prepare all documentation required to gain the necessary council and development approvals to build.

Step 3
Planning your selections

Selecting the products that will define the look and feel of your home is one of the most exciting aspects of building.


The Pavilion is Rivergum Homes exclusive design studio. It has been assembled to showcase our extensive range of products, fixtures and fittings, and a design specialist will be available to assist you with making selections for your new home, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your choices.

Step 4
Consolidating Final Approvals

Our Approvals Administrator will manage all encumbrance and/or approvals on your behalf.


Once you have finalised all selections and we have all necessary approvals in place we will provide a guide for the expected start and end building dates. This is where your dream for a brand new home starts to become a reality.


Once all final approvals have come through, it is time to organise the demolition of the old house.

Step 5
The building begins

Site works are the first major milestone in the construction of your new home and includes the construction of your footings and/or lower floor framing.


Thereafter the wall frames and the roof trusses will be erected, followed by the roof cover, external wall cladding, windows and external doors (excluding garage doors).


Once completed, your home will be watertight. This stage is known as ‘Lock Up.’

Step 6
Fixing stage

The fixing stage involves the first and second fix, and is where your home gets all of its finishing touches and is bought to life. Plasterboard to internal walls and ceilings will be installed, along with insulation and first fix services.


The second fix involves the installation of skirting boards, door architraves, doors and stairs (if applicable), with work on the kitchen and bathroom/s, including all cabinetry, undertaken.

Once completed you will have a chance to inspect the property with your Construction Supervisor, prior to handover, to ensure you are completely satisfied with your brand new Rivergum home.

Step 7
Our Guarantee

Your Construction Supervisor will meet you to complete the handover process and present you with your keys and handover pack. While the building journey might be complete, Rivergum Homes offer a further three month maintenance guarantee to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new home.


This guarantee covers your home for any defects that may occur as your new home settles.

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