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Timber vs Steel Frame – discover the choice & benefits

Rivergum Homes is one of the very few Australian homebuilders able to offer customers in South Australia the choice of building in timber or steel frame.


From the ground up, the house frame is more than just another stage in the building process. Building homes that stand the test of time requires commitment, experience and, of course, choosing the right materials from the start. 

The growing pressure on national shortages worldwide has naturally placed challenges within the building industry. To deliver exceptional quality homes, Rivergum Homes have partnered with BlueScope Steel manufacturer of Truecore steel framing and work closely with local South Australian company, Maxispan to design and engineer quality Rivergum homes.

Building your dream home with steel frame

• Truecore steel is proudly Australian Made and fully design, engineered and manufactured by Maxispan here in South Australia.
• Steel frames are consistently straight and true, resulting in stronger lines and a beautiful finish.
• In many instances, chemical or other termite barriers are not required.
• Steel frames are not treated with chemicals and provide a healthier environment for asthma and allergy sufferers.

• Foster pre-site and on-site, making your home quicker to completion.
• Steel Frames are less likely to twist, warp, shrink or buckle.
• The strength of Maxispan steel frames allows for large spans, perfect for today’s wide open living spaces.
• The noise caused by the expansion and contraction of the framing members is almost non-existent in steel framed buildings

Building your dream home with timber

  • Timber has excellent insulation and acoustic properties.
  • As timber frames are sourced from sustainable forests, choosing a timber frame for your house ensures you are making an environmentally friendly decision.
  • Using timber framing gives the customer total freedom when amending floor plans or using custom design plans.
  • Termite Protection can be utilised, which depending on the termite protection gives you peace of mind.
  • As an industry standard timber frames traditionally have quick erection times and early introduction of follow-on trades, meaning you get into your new home sooner.
  • Timber framing comes with lifetime structural guarantee.

Rivergum Homes is one of the very few Australian homebuilders able to offer customers in South Australia the choice of building timber or steel. For added peached of mind, whether your looking to build your South Australian home in timber or steel frame, this is backed by Lifetime Structural Guarantee*

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