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Coast & Country Facades

There’s beauty in our new Coast and Country range of designs. Each floorplan can adopt a ‘look’ to suit your environment and design preferences – whether a progressive interpretation of the contemporary, or boasting striking elemental features, or a nod to Australian historic architecture, or revived iconic architecture of the 60’s and 70’s.

At the core however, the inspiration for our façades is to be uniquely Australian, and exclusive to Rivergum Homes.


The classic representation of each floor plan, effective and pragmatic in its appearance; a canvas for personalised colour combinations.


Taking classical to a higher aesthetic with a level of design detailing and material selections that adds a layer of visual interest.


Strong architectural forms that re-imagine the character of rural barns and sheds, but positioned as sculptural objects floating in space and contrasting with the Australian landscape.


Echoes of childhood summer holidays in the 1960’s and 70’s shacks that grew organically over time with layers of found materials. The Revival style is represented by a simple mono pitch roof and random cladding patterns and colours that this time around have an artistic composition and controlled proportions.

(Design specific)

For those romantics who appreciate timeless design, our Historical façades feature timeless architectural elements with a style that pays respect to the genesis of truly Australian architecture.

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