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Tips to protect your home from the elements

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Whilst the scenery surrounding your holiday home may be beautiful, it can sometimes mean that it is more susceptible to the elements than in a suburban area. Rivergum Homes offers various quality materials to ensure minimal deterioration, plus some simple steps to put into effect after handover and your lovely getaway Rivergum holiday home is sure to look brand new for decades to come. As Adelaide home builders, it is important to help our customers protect their homes against the harsh Australian climates that we experience.

Some ways Rivergum builder in Adelaide assists in element protection:

  • Marine grade screws and bolts with protect against corrosion
  • COLORBOND roof to assist with fire protection (TIP: A lighter coloured roof will also keep your home cooler for longer which can decrease energy bills)
  • Roof sarking to further protect embers entrenching into roofs and eaves
    • What is roof sarking?
      This is when a malleable coated membrane is positioned of the roof underneath the roof tiles or steel sheets. This protects the house design and roof cavity from stormwater and dust, reduces harmful condensation and increases its thermal performance and help to resist fire embers.
  • Rivergum offers septic and rainwater tanks. Ensuring that your septic tank is regularly serviced will prevent flooding and water damage.

Choice of timber or steel frame. Read our blog to discover the benefits of building in  both types to decide what is right for you and your build.

Ways you can maintain your home to protect against the elements:

  • Ensure the gutters are regularly cleaned, especially if there are large trees in proximity.
  • Regularly inspect your home for leaks, cracks, holes, missing panels, and any other signs of damage. For an expert option, a home inspector can be hired once or twice a year to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Clean window tracks regularly to avoid condensation build-up
  • Close your curtains at night to further condensation on windows
  • In Summer, the heat and lack of rain can cause the ground to crack. Use a sprinkler to water the surrounding grounds to ensure the area around does not dry up too much cracking may result in the foundation becoming unsettled. Be careful not to water too much, though as excess water can have the same effect!
  • Ensure excess dry foliage is removed during the hot, dry months to further prevent the spreading of fires.

Speak to the team to learn more about Rivergum as a major holiday home builder across a widespread of locations in SOuth Australia.

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