How to choose the right home design for you

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Buying a home is so much more than a smart financial investment; it’s also a lifestyle thing.

Owning a home is something we all dream about. It gives us a sense of freedom and creative control that renting never can. But with so many different types of home out there how do you go about choosing the best home design to suit your needs?

Here are few handy tips to help you get on the good foot when it comes to your home design.

Visit display homes

This is a bit of a no brainer, but it’s one important step that can too easily be overlooked. What better way to find out about what your brand new home will feel like than actually taking a walk through it?

Even if you think you have your design locked in, take a look through a display village and see what’s on offer. Doing so will not only allow you to get a feel for the kind of floor plan you need, but will also afford you the luxury of scoping the details.


Selection centres are important part of the process as they allow you to see all of the different fixtures and fittings you can choose from.

Try and visit as many display villages as possible. Familiarising yourself with a range of floor plans and fixtures will help you fine tune exactly what you’re looking for.

Consider energy efficient home design

Energy efficiency is important – who wants to pay too much for power? The best time to think about ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is when you’re building from scratch.

Your choices at the design and planning stage will not only improve the comfort of your home in the short-term, but can help reduce your heating, cooling and water costs over the long-term. With energy costs rising exponentially in Australia between the years 2000 – 2013 and the expanding environmental awareness of the average prospective buyer, making energy efficient choices when it comes to home design will pay off in lower monthly costs and a higher market value for your home.

Talk to a consultant about the best orientation of your home on your land and other design considerations for reducing your future energy bills.

Interior selections and architectural features that won’t cost you in the future

Details like carpets, skylights, and bathroom fixtures can have a huge impact when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

Houses with carpet are easier to keep warm in winter months, as they act as another layer of insulation. Whereas skylights are an energy efficient way to admit light into your home and are an easy way to distribute it evenly throughout the room.

Simple architectural features such as these (and more!) are easy ways to significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Consider how much outdoor living space you really need

Your floor plan will more than likely include one or more outdoor leisure areas. Whether that be a porch, spa (or that swimming pool you’re going to have one day) it’s important to factor in how much outdoor living space you actually need.

For example, while many of us yearn for a big backyard, quite often we don’t need them. Huge yards are all well and good when they’re properly maintained, but they begin to look pretty damn shabby when you don’t.  An easily maintained courtyard might be a much wiser choice for you.

Think about what you need and what you can look after, not just what you want.

Make your decisions based on your lifestyle

When choosing a floor plan and fixtures, double check that you’re basing your decision on what will accommodate your daily activities.

Start off by imagining the home stripped bare and make your judgements from there. Only after you’ve done this is it time to think about customising the design and upgrades.

Your home should suit your specific needs. If you’re a regular entertainer maybe you need to upgrade your kitchen appliances and benchtops. Or if you’re a bit of a shopaholic maybe you need a walk-in robe to house all of your fine things. The world is your oyster when it comes to layout and fixture upgrades, so it’s important to what suits your individual needs now and into the immediate future.

We understand that all home buyers are unique. So no matter whether you already have a design in mind or you need to get things going from scratch, we’re here to help you choose the home design that will suit you down to a tee.

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