A guide to building your turnkey home

New to building? No worries. Purchasing a turnkey home is an exciting decision, but for some the process can seem a little overwhelming. We have created this simple step-by-step guide to help put you at ease and take the mystery out of the process. So rest assured, with our experience you're in good hands.

Step 1
Choose your home

When choosing a turnkey home, you need to carefully balance your needs, your desires and your budget. Your Sales Consultant will work with you to recommend a design based on your individual preferences and lifestyle to help you achieve the ideal result.

With a turnkey home solution, we include everything from landscaping to fencing, and you won’t have to lift a finger. The luxury of walking into a turnkey home that is ready, down to the finest details, means you can show off your stunning home sooner.

What happens now

  • Browse our fixed price, turnkey home solutions here.
  • Talk to our trusted finance partner, Truevest Finance, about your budget and the process for gaining approval and proceeding to settlement.
  • Ensure you understand the key differences between buying off-the-plan and buying a house and land package.
  • Talk to our Sales Consultant who’ll help do the sums for your fixed price package.

Step 2
Finalise your contract

This is when your dream starts to become a reality. Working closely with you, your Sales Consultant will put together a contract that outlays everything agreed. Once signed, we move straight to the next step.

What happens now

  • Your Sales Consultant helps you to understand your contract documents and answer any questions you may have before completing the contract signing.
  • Your deposit is now due.
  • We endorse your contract and send a copy to you (and your lender if you’re financing your new home).

Step 3
Get your finance approvals

Finance approvals are an integral part to the building journey. While we take care of most of the paper work, we’ll need your help to follow up weekly with your broker and ensure all the necessary document signing has taken place.

If you’re building off-the-plan, settlement will occur after the completion of your home. This means finance approvals aren’t needed upfront, which gives you some more time to prepare financially.

What happens now

Buying a house and land package?

  • Make sure your formal finance approval is in place.
  • We’ll provide you with the approval documents you need to help with your finance process.
  • Make sure your lender has all the necessary information they require and keep following them up on their progress.

Step 4
Make your selections

Your Sales Consultant will be in touch to arrange a selections appointment. This is your opportunity to add your own style and flair to your brand new home.

What happens now

  • Before your appointment, we suggest that you have a look through the selections book that’s applicable to the project your home is in, and start thinking about the colour selections and any upgrades (if applicable) you would like in your home.

Step 5
Build your dream home

This is it! With all your approvals, colour selections sorted and your block settled, it’s time to get started on construction.

During the building process, our Customer Care team will keep you up to date with progress and pictures as your new home comes together.

Please note, for your safety, you will not be able to access the site during the construction phase.

What happens now

The build process is made up of six stages:

  • foundation
  • frame
  • roof and external walls
  • first fix (work up to and including internal walls)second fix (the work
  • required after internal walls have been installed)
  • practical completion

If you’ve bought a house and land package, payment is required once each stage has been achieved. Progress claims will be sent to you and your lender if you are financing your new home, to arrange payment in order to move onto the next stage.

Step 6
Completion and handover

Purchased a house and land package? Handover is a two-part process, with meetings on site about two weeks apart. With your home practically complete, you are invited to take a room-by-room tour with your site supervisor. We then complete the final touches, install appliances and ensure that nothing has been overlooked before your final handover meeting.

Building off-the-plan? Make sure your formal finance is in place for settlement.

What happens now

Purchased a house and land package?

  • Your pre-handover inspection will take a couple of hours.
    This is a good opportunity for you to see your home practically complete.
  • This is the perfect time to arrange for any insurance and service connections ahead of completion so that you can move straight in after handover.
  • If you’re financing your home, you should notify your lender before this appointment so that they can make their final valuation and arrange payment of your final Progress Claim in time for your handover meeting.
  • Your final handover will take place around two weeks after the pre-handover inspection. At this meeting, your guarantees and warranties will be explained and you’ll get the keys to your brand new home!

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