At Rivergum Homes Group, our people and their skills and ideas are fundamental to the company’s ability to prosper and grow.

We believe attracting the right people, maximising their contribution to the business and rewarding their performance are all vital ingredients to the company’s ongoing success.

We value our employees

Our employees are experts in their fields, delivering an innovative and skilled workforce working towards one common goal; to maintain our award winning, industry leader status.

We’re proud of our success and continually strive to achieve more and challenge our employees to ‘think outside the square’ and be creative in our approach to new projects.

A role with Rivergum Homes Group will expand your capabilities and challenge you to deliver exciting and innovative ways of working. We are dynamic and innovative in our approach and thrive in our fast paced environment.

We share the big picture

We communicate in a wide variety of ways and often.

Our employees are aligned with the goals of the business and understand where we are heading.

We’ve created a culture of success and celebration, where every employee goes the extra mile to bring great results for our clients.

We work hard and achieve what we have set out to do and allow people to bring new ideas to the table, have a voice and make a difference.

The culture is fast paced, exciting and innovative whilst also allowing people to have fun and show appreciation of the people we work with.

We have personality

We’re are a spirited bunch. We are hugely passionate about what we do and approach each activity with visionary, dynamic energy.

We’re charismatic, welcoming and confident.

We’re insightful. We’re are in tune with how people want to live and are progressive in our approach in achieving this for them.

Committed. We offer a dependable service conducted with integrity and a refreshingly genuine customer focused experience.

Our employee benefits

In addition to non-financial rewards like an engaging work environment and meaningful career development opportunities, we offer a range of benefits which include;

  • Competitive salaries. We believe in getting the basics right and ensure that we are offering competitive and above market salaries for our industry. Additionally, all salaries are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure we remain competitive.
  • Product discounts. We build innovative, creative and inspiring homes and so it is no wonder that a large amount of our employees would look to us to build their home. To show our appreciation of their commitment we offer generous discounts on our product offerings.
  • Fully funded training programs. To show our commitment to our employee’s journey with Rivergum, we offer industry specific fully funded training opportunities to further strengthen our internal knowledge base and ensure our employees constantly develop and learn.
  • Flexible working arrangements. We aim to work with employees to agree a working arrangement to suit both the business and the employee wherever possible.
  • Modern working environment. Our open plan offices display our innovative design and are designed to help foster collaboration and inter-departmental working. We are one team and encourage the sharing of ideas, support and comradery throughout the group.
  • Novated leases. We help employees save money on their car by offering the option to purchase your car via a novated lease.
  • ITC resources. Our forward thinking in-house IT & Communications team are constantly working to provide our employees with the latest in technological offerings. We aim, wherever possible, to provide you with the most up to date technological tools you need to succeed in your career with Rivergum Homes Group.

Health and wellbeing

Mental health

At Rivergum we take a holistic approach to the wellbeing of our employees and offer immediate 24/7 access to confidential professional counselling at no cost to the employee through our Employee Assistance Program.

Fun & laughter

Our values act as the foundations of our group of companies and we work hard to constantly achieve and provide continual growth. It is vital that we recognise that among our exceptionally committed and hard-working employees, that we all need a little fun and laughter along the way. We hold regular events and monthly communication sessions, which all focus on getting to know your colleagues and celebrating the wins. We also have a social club which provides both family-friendly and non-family focused activities throughout the year to ensure there is something to keep everyone engaged.

Nutritionally focused

We enjoy a free fruit delivery each week and provide healthy options when catering for group events (and even in our vending machines) to ensure employees always have a choice.

Fitness first

We encourage our employees to walk, run or cycle to work and provide shower facilities to help get their morning off to a fresh start. We also participate in a variety of local corporate sporting events and even have a premiership winning Group Netball Team competing in social leagues.


Our employees are entitled to work in a safe working environment. We aim to be industry leaders and are committed to going above and beyond to make sure safe working practices are taken seriously. We have internal and dedicated WHS focused employees to regularly review our onsite and offsite activities.

Reward & recognition

Our people are continually developed, guided and supported during their time with Rivergum through regular feedback and objectives setting sessions and a more in depth Annual Review and Development Plan (ARDP). We celebrate our successes and offer peer nominated values awards on a monthly basis as well as formalised recognition of major milestones and Anniversaries. Our employees as a result are a highly engaged bunch, achieving a higher than the Australian average score as per our annual engagement survey.


At Rivergum we believe in giving back to the community. We support local charities on an ongoing basis, hold regular fundraising events and encourage our employees to nominate a charity of the month to raise funds for. In addition, we work closely with community based groups to assist people of all abilities to find meaningful employment with the Group.

Learning and development


We know that getting your first step into a new career can be challenging. We regularly offer in-house, tailored traineeships in a variety of departments and will provide a full and supported traineeship to help you excel in a career at Rivergum.

Graduate programs

We have had continual success through our graduate programs and offer entry pathways for recently graduated students to learn and develop within a supportive, dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Continual development

We will continue to invest in your career with Rivergum and, where relevant, will provide fully funded study & training opportunities to foster your individual growth.

On the job training

We do things differently at Rivergum and we recognise that this differentiation from other industry leaders is our competitive advantage. We believe that on the job training from our highly skilled and experienced people is the key to your success with Rivergum and regularly have teams involved in different projects to share and develop our knowledge within the Group.

Internal focus on promotions and career development

We encourage employees to challenge themselves in new roles and ensure that all new roles are advertised internally in addition to the external market.

Developing our leaders

Leading a high performing team is vital to our continued growth and year on year success and we ensure our leaders are continually challenged through bespoke tailored leadership programs to ensure our people remain highly engaged.