Tips for first home buyers building a home for the first time

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It feels like it’s almost time, you’ve saved for a while, you’re tired of renting or living at home and now you’re looking at the possibility in looking for a home builder in South Australia to create the home of your dreams!  We understand owning and building your first home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in a lifetime.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to build house in Adelaide, Rivergum Homes is here to help you make the most it and guide you along the way.  Here are some quick pointers to help you begin the journey:

Budget – how much does it cost to build a house Adelaide?

The words that may make you cringe, but one of the most important factors to consider in the journey.  Setting a clear budget for building your dream home in South Australia on your dream land location is where you need to set your benchmark. This will help you not to dream too big and to have a realistic target in mind on what you can afford when speaking to agents and visiting display homes in Adelaide.

Finance – Head versus heart

Building your first home is exciting and life-changing. It all starts with saving for your first deposit. Saving for anything can be tough, whether you’re living at home, renting, or trying to get the right job to save for your dream home design regardless of your circumstance.  You can get started in building your dream home with Rivergum Homes with a deposit of $2,500*. As a new home builder in Adelaide, we have partnered with Truevest Finance who can work with you on how to save for a deposit and walk you through the different lending options available for you.

Home Builders Grant Adelaide – Financing and the First Home Owner Grant

If you are a first home buyer, building a new home you may eligible for the First Home Owners Grant in Adelaide (FHOG) up to $15,000. This is a great way to get your foot in the door to build your dream home design in Adelaide.

You can check on the state government’s website for all the details and conditions on the home builders grant in Adelaidevia the button below.

Be organized and plan to put in the work

It pays to dedicate the time and effort into planning and organizing everything from your thoughts and preference to your dream home to the nitty gritty detail in organizing financial information. This will allow you to be one step closer to building your dream house designs in Adelaide.
Be prepared for lots of questions to your Adelaide builder, with lots of back and forth before you go to site.

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