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The key to building your home for the first time

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It feels like it’s almost time, you’ve saved for a while, you’re tired of renting or ready to upgrade your home and eager to find your ideal Adelaide home builder.

We understand whether you have made the decision or tossing up whether to build you have lots of questions and what to prepare for on this journey.  Here are some quick pointers to help you begin the journey:

Budget – Set a clear budget for your dream home and know your ceiling.

Budget is the first and foremost important step to the building journey.

Setting a clear budget for building your dream home on your dream land location is where you need to set your benchmark. This will help you not to dream too big and to have a realistic target in mind on what you can afford when speaking to agents and visiting display homes.

Finance – Head versus heart

Building your first home is exciting and life changing. It all starts with saving for your first deposit. Saving for anything can be tough, whether you’re renting, paying your current mortgage repayments or trying to get the right job to save for your dream home, regardless of your circumstance.

The benefits of building your dream home with Rivergum Homes, is you can get started with a deposit of $2,500* and once you are happy with the quote a $2,500* deposit at contract.

Needing help in saving for a deposit? Adelaide’s leading construction specialist Truevest Finance can work with you on how to save for a deposit and walk you through the different lending options available for you.  Truevest Finance are the experts when it comes to structuring your payments throughout the build to be reasonable and achievable.

Finding the perfect location + within your budget

It will help you to factor in exactly where you want to live, how big of house and block you’re looking for that all ties into your budget.

Carefully considering the location that ticks the boxes whether having easy access to amenities, schools, easy commute to work or the city is important but also if the cost of the land and then to build your home fits in your budget.

Looking for a flat or sloping block?

Sloping blocks are great for optimizing views that our state has to offer often means you to factor the cost involved in building a split-level home, ease of access for trades and materials to be delivered onsite needs to be factored into the budget of your home build. Our consultants can guide you on the planning provisions and design guidelines for different councils in South Australia that apply to your chosen allotment before buying and selecting a home design.


Wide & Shallow or Narrow & Long?

Whether you’re looking to build in a new estate or you live in your dream suburb and outgrown your home or looking for the best solution to maximize two or more homes, Rivergum Homes have put together a guide to help you match your plan to suit your needs and land sizes from across metro Adelaide.

Your dream location + dream home

Now for the fun stuff! When choosing the location for your block of land in our great state,  our specialist New Home Consultants can give you through the different home design options that are suitable for your block.

Be organized and plan to put in the work

It pays to dedicate the time and effort into planning and organizing everything from your thoughts and preference to your dream home to the nitty gritty detail in organizing financial information. This will allow you to be one step closer to building your dream home.

Be prepared for lots of questions, lots of back and forth before you go to site. Learn more about the timeline of the build journey here:

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