Neat storage ideas for Australian homes

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Are your closets overflowing and you can’t see your home’s floor for the piles and stacks of clothing, books and other items? It’s not that you’re messy; it’s just that you’ve run out of storage space!

One of the quickest ways to sort out your home storage issues is to start by taking a quick survey of each room. Make a note of items that are out of place and remove anything that you don’t use or is no longer wanted.

Here are some more tips for creating a clutter-free home.


Install ceiling or island hooks in the kitchen to store pots and pans and cooking utensils. This will also help free up cupboard and drawer space to stow away any smaller items, without losing the ‘wow factor’ of your kitchen design.

Lounge room

Use a trunk or a wooden box instead of a typical coffee table to store away consoles, DVDs, books and magazines, remotes and other entertainment items.



Bedrooms are one of those places that can often become a ‘collect all’ space.  A place where things are hidden when guests come over, with clothing put in piles to ‘get to when you have spare time.’

Use empty suitcases and bags to store seasonal clothing and place under the bed, in wardrobes, the shed or garage. You might even like to have stylish vintage luggage or bags on display to add a retro vibe.

Blanket boxes and chests can be used as a decorative feature under a window or at the end of your bed. These are great places to store personal items out of sight.


The quickest way to provide more storage in the bathroom is to eliminate all the products that you don’t actually use. By only keeping the items that you use daily or weekly, you’ll cut down your objects and make so much more space.

Utilise hanging shower caddies to place your most used items and only keep a few items on display.

If towel storage is at a premium, roll up some towels and place them in a decorative basket by the basin or bathtub. Coordinate towel colours with a rug or bath mat for that extra ‘wow factor’.

Hallways and home offices

Don’t forget, you can add hooks inside cupboard doors to provide extra hanging space for jewellery, handbags and scarves and items of clothing that you need to grab at a moment’s notice.

Hanging caddies and thin wire racks can be fixed inside cupboards and on the back of doors to make nifty storage spaces for art, craft, stationery and general  items that you use occasionally.

Throughout the home

When building, be sure to include more cupboards and cabinets than you think you might need and take advantage of all the space in your home.

Think about how you can use corner storage, shelving all the way to the ceiling, and the extra wall space in places like the hallway, laundry and underneath stairs.

Think vertical – narrow and stackable items can all have their place with the right shelving or furniture, particularly in entry ways or hallways.

Take advantage of nooks and wall enclaves by inserting shelves, even if it’s thirty centimetres; every bit is can be useful.

Oversized baskets are a stylish option for storing magazines, toys, shoes, socks, cosmetics and toiletries and other accessories such as scarves and belts.

Keep things tidy and stored in their designated places, and you’ll find your home so much more enjoyable!


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