How to easily personalise your space

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One of the many joys of owning your own home is that you get to personalise the space and really put your own stamp on where you live. Having your surrounds reflect back who you are can add value to the quality of your life and bring you constant enjoyment.

Here are some simple measures to personalise your space.

Items of importance

Add something eclectic – is there something striking you still have from childhood or from your travels that has strong personal meaning?  It could make a great statement piece.

Avoid making things look cluttered by choosing one focal piece rather than overloading with many eclectic items.

Frame your favourite things

Picture frames can be as little or as extravagant an investment as your budget allows plus you can choose to have one or as many as fits on a surface or a wall. There is a lot of flexibility here too, in the sense that you can put whatever you like in the frames. A simple yet inspirational quote, a photo of your family or some greeting cards decked in your favourite contemporary artwork all work well in frames.

Frames can be a focal feature as well. Try mixing an array of sizes and shapes to make an intentional clashing mix. You can even go so far as to tell a documented story of your life through snapshots, providing you with warm nostalgia as you move through your favourite rooms.

Accent cushions

A favourite trend among designers  and stylists is a great set of accent cushions – bright, patterned, textured, neutrals – they work individually and they all work together.

Accent cushions are one of the easiest and most fun ways to cheer up and personalise a space – be it in the bedroom, lounge room or outdoor patio setting.

Add a little bit of “you”

What is it that you love? What are your passions and hobbies? If you’re a reader, set up some good quality bookshelves and adorn with your favourite and beautiful books.

Maybe you collect model cars or retro gadgets, such as a typewriter or globe.

By surrounding yourself with the things you know and love, you’ll affirm the things that make you happy as you step through the door after a long day at work.

Keep it fresh

Add some greenery, such as an indoor plant to brighten up your living abode. Choose low maintenance plants that thrive indoors – such as succulents or an African violet.

Splash out an a decorative pot, such as white and blue porcelain or concrete pots that are specially striped with paint, or install a hook from the ceiling and have a low hanging pot (this is great for the bathroom, try Devil’s Ivy).

Crown jewels

Your home is your castle, so if you have a statement piece of jewellery – maybe an oversize costume necklace or similar, you can go ahead and make it a focal art piece.

Hang it on a hook on a bare wall, or a purpose built jewellery stand or a ceramic ornament and put it on display.

Stay afloat

Attach some floating wall mounted shelves – painted to match your walls or made of glass or mirror – in one of your favourite rooms.

The open shelves look clean and uncluttered and make a flawless display spot for a collection of frames or objects.

Tip: mix different shapes and height of your objects to get a varied look.

These simple yet effective techniques can be done in a day and will create a space that is uniquely yours. Go ahead – have a play!


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