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Weighing up the pros and cons to buying an established or building your dream holiday home design in SA?

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Weighing up the pros and cons to buying an established or building your dream holiday home design in SA?

There’s a common misconception that buying an existing home is more affordable than building a new house and land package in South Australia. When you buy an existing home, you inherit all its problems along with it. The wear and tear caused by previous owners or tenants quickly becomes your burdens. Paying for your own maintenance is one thing – but paying to fix problems caused by others is another thing entirely.

Furthermore, avoiding unforeseen maintenance costs, building your home comes with several advantages.

Lower stamp duty

When you buy an established property, you’ll pay stamp duty on the house and the land. However when you build a house in Adelaide, you are only paying stamp duty on the land and can easily save $15,000 in stamp duty at least straight off the bat.

The latest technology

When looking for a home builder in Adelaide,  you get all the excitement of a new home equipped with modern technology that is difficult and costly to implement in existing buildings that aren’t set up for it. For example, it’s easy to add smart home technology over your fans, heating, cooling and lights, more energy efficient design, and many other modern conveniences that make your new home life truly special.

Your floor plan can be exactly the way you dreamt it

Looking for single storey home? Or a choice of  2 storey house designs and floor plans? Or needing that extra bedrooms for a growing family? No problem. What about 3 living areas, an alfresco, and a kitchen with butler’s pantry for entertaining? Easy, you got it. As a new home builder in South Australia, you can tailor your design to suit your family and lifestyle, without compromise.

Choosing a building company in Adelaide

If building a new home is the decision you have made, there are a number of different avenues to get your design exactly as you pictured it. You can choose a custom builder to design a unique home for you from scratch. However, once they’ve gone through the entire process from concept to completion, many people find them to be unaffordable.

For more than 28 years, building designer homes as a standard offering across South Australia to create better lives for many homeowners.

At Rivergum Homes, we offer over 180 architecturally home designs to choose from, with 5 looks for each home. That means you can have a stunning, architecturally designed home to suit your exact needs, without the cost of a custom builder.

From sprawling ranch style homes… stately 2 storey homes dripping with luxury… cleverly designed house plans for narrow Adelaide blocks… spacious townhouses… dual occupancy homes… whatever your family needs, Rivergum Homes almost certainly has a house design that’s perfect for you. And backed up with lifetime structural guarantee.

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