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Aligning with Truevest Finance’s ethos of a fresh approach to finance, Truevest is offering a new way to understand finance fast with the newly released first edition of the Fast Facts for Finance newsletter this Spring 2020.

Our regular newsletter offers valuable insights to help you understand your finance options, the current state of the market, and to get you on a fast path to home ownership.

In this issue, get to know the current Government grants and incentives, including the new HomeBuilder Grant. Also, learn about the different types of structures of combining house and land; there’s more than you think!

With a vast number of grants and incentives available in South Australia with options to combine, there has never been a better time to build or purchase a new home.

This Spring 2020 edition hones in on the eligibility criteria of the First Home Owner Grant, First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, HomeBuilder Grant and the lesser known First Home Super Saver Scheme.

When it comes to buying or building a new home there are a number of options that will change the way you apply for finance. Purchasing a house and land package is the most common starting point but can come in different combinations including fixed price and turnkey packages, customisable house and land packages, as well as other options being, off the plan purchases, land purchase with a build contract or a land purchase without a build contract yet. Explore our Spring newsletter to learn more.

As every personal situation is unique, we encourage getting in touch with the Truevest Finance team for a personalised assessment and to explore all aspects of eligibility of the grants. Fill out the form to find out more and to receive a complimentary borrowing capacity assessment.

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